To: Dream From: Me

To: Dream
From: Me

To dream or not to dream
There is a question.
For a dream must live or
There will be life
With solemn expressions.

Empty faces
Empty places.
Clocks that go
Tick then tock.
But no one stops
to dream a lot.
So dare I dream or not?

There is no question
For only a fool am I
To not dream a dream
And risk most everything.
To dream or not to dream
That is not my question.
To dream, to dream, to dream…
Always a dreamer, now a doer too
To dream, to dream, to dream

I must stop
When the clock is not
And people watch.
They stare.
And many care,
Yet others will never stop.
But I must pause
And dream a lot, as dreamers do.
Believing, believing…
I believe in you.


I just wrote one of the most beautiful pieces,
At least, I feel, I have ever written.
And I saved it.
So I thought.
And then looked at the draft,
Only to see a blank page.
Nothing saved but the title “A Place”.
There is no place.
Because it is gone.
I have tried to find it with no luck.
And now I am left with writer’s block
But worst, writers angst.
I am praying that I will remember what I just wrote.
Please come back to me, words.
Are the words saved in my memory? They must be there
Somewhere. Come back!

You know you are a mom when…

As a busy mother, you find several detergent thingamajigs in a ziplock bag in your “almost” every day purse.  Yes, I ran out.  I got them from my mother because it was late tonight; my child and I would rather spend time together than stake out detergent at Publix.  I figure, hey, why not add this on tommorow’s long “To Do” List.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I have four ziplock bags tucked away in my black, handy dandy purse.  But sometimes I wish I didn’t have four bags of random items…leading me to questions like, “Where are my car keys?” and “Did I take my vitamins today?”  Awww.. The life and times of being a working mommy. 

Yet I am grateful for the chaos, the disorganization because it’s just that…chaos, disorganization. The moments will pass, but I don’t want to pass up on the moments I have, the small moments yet important ones with our girl…I will take what I can get and give it my all with her. 

Live. Love. Create.

If tragedy struck…how would this change you?

The unimaginable happened just down the street from my childhood home.  A tragedy that replays in my mind.  I don’t know the family nor have I met their daughter who was ripped from their lives so unexpectedly.  Yet I mourn for this family, whose beautiful girl named Lily died from the Kindercare tragedy in Winter Park.  I could detail the previous criminal record of the man who killed this child, but I would rather give light to the child, who deserves to be remembered and should be alive.  

As a mom of a 2 1/2 year old, this tragedy really struck me, more than most others I have seen on the television. I find myself with chills and tears as I pass the Kindercare, down the street from where I had the happiest childhood memories.  It really shook me up and put things into perspective.  Life is about holding your child, savoring every precious moment and knowing that it can be taken away at any moment.  So if you know that, if that is a reality, then what would you do different, what would you keep the same? 

As a working mother, who drops her daugher off at preschool; I have many of the same fears that mother’s have when leaving their child in someone else’s care. Will my child be safe? Will my child be loved? (among many others) And the scary part is that this child, Lily, who died suddenly was loved and she was safe from what I know (in the media).  Yet the reality is that no one could have predicted that a car would come careening through the building, killing an innocent girl and injuring many other children and staff member.  it may not be likely to happen to you and your child, but knowing that life can take such an ugly, turn; what would you change or keep the same in your day to day?

I’m holding our daughter tighter and tighter.  I’m praying for the families involved with this tragedy.  And I am truly thinking this last question over and over again.  




I want to hear from the mommapreneur’s out there.  How do you DO it?  What is it like being a mom and an entrepreneur?  What are the highs, lows and the in-between, or what I call the “tweeners” of your experience?

I feel like we can all learn from one another’s experience, so lets keep sharing.

The highs for me today include quality time with my little love bug..which included playing “Snow White” dress up and pretend play.  Also I love when our girl says “Yes, mommy..okay.”  Especially since the word YES, is a rarity at this age. Mostly, I hear her saying” No” or “All by myself.”  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about fostering independence, but a “Yes” every once in a while, is music to my ears.

The “Tweener” moments include the endless clean-up around the house, and my creative mind racing with ideas; while my practical mind is saying ” woah, slow it down. Patience.”  There are more ideas than time to do it, so it seems.

The “Lows” would include getting over a really annoying, ugly virus that pretty much swiped me out this week.  Body is recovering yet still feels weak.  We passed around this bug for two weeks, back and forth.  Thankful our little love bug is healthy!

Grateful for the highs, the lows and the tweeners.  That’s what being a mommapreneur is all about.  For the newbies, welcome to Mommapreneurship.

Live. Love. Create



I’m feeling sleep deprived, yes.  I feel like I need coffee but I know if I drink it, the sleep deprivation will only be masked. And then suddenly it will all hit me this afternoon.  But I persist, despite the mommy fatigue.  This journey is a wild, unpredictable, bumpy, exciting, infuriating, joyful, exhausting and peaceful experience.  I am a “Momma-preneur”.  I have always wanted two things: To be a Mommy and to be an Entrepreneur of creativity.   It’s not easy and our family and sweet baby girl will always be number one.  But I push forward.

I have been a “fighter” since childhood when I realized that I had a choice.  I could continue to spell my letters backwards and sink into grade failure and social isolation OR I could thrive and learn a new way of existing in an academic environment.  It took a lot of hard work but I adapted to my environment from early education all the way up to college.  Yet this journey was everything I described in being a “Momma-preneur”: wild, unpredictable, bumpy, exciting, infuriating, joyful, exhausting and peaceful.  And without family support, friends and an innate will to thrive; I know I wouldn’t be where I am now in life.

And so, I often asking myself, what more can I do to “refuel” and take care of myself so that I can be this Momma-preneur to the best of my ability.  That is my focus this week.  How can I find small moments, for meditation and total relaxation…I have been attending leadership meetings at UCF with amazing, strong, independent women.  A common theme I have heard is that it is not “balance” one needs, it is “harmony.”  And therefore, I continue to strive for harmony. A thought I would like to leave you with today is , ” If anything can go well, it will.”  (one of my favorite quotes)

In Harmony,



This day…

I am very excited to begin the adventure of writing lyrics about empowerment, freedom, justice, self-advocacy and more.  I’m using my own stories which are driving the story-telling of writing personal lyrics. But I am also greatly drawing upon experience from working in the field of community mental health and Disabilities.

From this day onwards, I will be focusing on writing lyrics regarding this topic of justice/equality…as an outlet to release inner frustration and to be a voice of change and empathy for those who are seeking change and empathy.

I will be posting lyrics about this topic and demo’s of the lyrics I create.  For now, it will be mostly lyrics until I get around to recording all the songs in my head.

Good night blogger friends,




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