I want to hear from the mommapreneur’s out there.  How do you DO it?  What is it like being a mom and an entrepreneur?  What are the highs, lows and the in-between, or what I call the “tweeners” of your experience?

I feel like we can all learn from one another’s experience, so lets keep sharing.

The highs for me today include quality time with my little love bug..which included playing “Snow White” dress up and pretend play.  Also I love when our girl says “Yes, mommy..okay.”  Especially since the word YES, is a rarity at this age. Mostly, I hear her saying” No” or “All by myself.”  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about fostering independence, but a “Yes” every once in a while, is music to my ears.

The “Tweener” moments include the endless clean-up around the house, and my creative mind racing with ideas; while my practical mind is saying ” woah, slow it down. Patience.”  There are more ideas than time to do it, so it seems.

The “Lows” would include getting over a really annoying, ugly virus that pretty much swiped me out this week.  Body is recovering yet still feels weak.  We passed around this bug for two weeks, back and forth.  Thankful our little love bug is healthy!

Grateful for the highs, the lows and the tweeners.  That’s what being a mommapreneur is all about.  For the newbies, welcome to Mommapreneurship.

Live. Love. Create


Day 22

Day 22, you were good to me.  Here are today’s highlights.

* I managed to clear out two boxes.  Some of the contents were re organized and placed in other boxes, but still, I remain proud.   My goal is two boxes a day until our office space is actually a usable space.  Then I will transform the room into a sanctuary with guitars and music.

* My daughter has a lot of “firsts” these days.  Although they may appear minor to the outsider, they are huge successes to me.  Liv runs to the bathtub each time she hears “Its ducky bath time!” with excitement.  Liv runs to the bottom drawer of her dresser when I say “Lets put on your shoes.” And she picked out shoes that actually match. Quite the fashionista in the making!

But seriously, the sweetest moment was when Olivia began crying while watching her mom trim her own fingernails.  Each time I trimmed a nail, Liv would whimper with empathy, very concerned for her mommy.  I would reassure her but it barely worked.  I could go on and on but I will stop now. =)  Other highlights…

* Liv and I played in the park. It is a lesson for me in being mindful, being in the moment.  As soon as Liv began rolling around in the dirt, leaves and grass; I had a moment of “should I be letting her do this?” But quickly I remembered that kids need to be kids.  So I began rolling around too.  We giggled and I chased her around the park.  People probably thought we were nuts but I didn’t care, because in that moment, I couldn’t be happier.  I am inspired daily by Olivia.  (Oh gosh, sorry, am I talking again about her? Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.)

* Lets see what else? I stopped in the pet store off of Park Avenue in Winter Park.  It is called  “The Doggie Door”.  The staff is super friendly and willing to go above and beyond.  The owner helped me with tips for our dog Jasmin’s misbehavior.  The store offers an array of doggie goods.  Here is the link to store if interested.

* On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my personal time is more limited since Olivia is not in school.  I enjoy spending quality time with Liv on these days.  So with that being said, it is difficult to work on my music, writing etc..  However, as I mentioned in previous blog; I plan to do at least one thing a day to further my goals as an artist, no matter what.

* Today’s music goal was to listen to my music; the songs and lyrics I have already recorded.  It had been awhile and I needed to refresh my memory.  In addition I listened to classical, and various other styles with Olivia.

It was a fun, silly and endearing day!

Day 12-14 Birthday

Today I write about days 12-14.  We had Monday off, well many of us did.  My husband whisked me away to Amelia Island on Sunday to return on Monday (Martin Luther King Day).  We had a detour along the journey to Amelia Island.  After much deliberation and careful thought; we decided to rehome our dog Lily Adele.  Lily is the sweetest dog who deserved a family that could give her all the attention she needed.  Lily is a lap dog and needed a family that could treat her like the sweet princess she is.

It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  I had no idea how hard it would be to part with our dear friend.  Lily brought great joy to our home for over four years.  It just so happens that the day she was given to a new family, was also my birthday.  Although my birthday was very special; it was also bitter-sweet.  As a grief counselor, I work with families all the time who grieve the loss of a loved one.  Many people grieve the loss of a pet.  Well giving our dog, Lily Adele to a new family was like grieving a death.  Yet, we knew that this was in her best interest and that we are the ones who are hurting more.  Lily is happy and playing with her new friends.  I am in the process of writing a song about Lily (stay tuned).  Lily, I hope this isn’t goodbye, and that our parting is only “See you later friend!.” The new family promised we could keep in touch and they have already posted pictures of how happy Lily is.  This is a picture of Lily the day she left one home and started in a new one.

We will miss you Lily!

We will miss you Lily!

On a more cheerful note, I truly enjoyed Amelia Island and time away with my loving husband Arturo.  Art and I stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast called “The Addison” on Amelia Island.  This B & B was charming and peaceful.  For more information on this place please visit

Amelia Island

Amelia Island

On the evening of my birthday, we went to an Italian restaurant called “Ciao”.  The food was delicious and one can tell the chef has been trained to cook gourmet.  I ordered gluten-free pasta dish with veggies and soy cheese.  I was surprised and impressed that this Italian eatery had healthy options like offering wheat pasta or gluten-free.  And who knew they’d offer soy mozzarella?  After dinner we walked down Centre Avenue peering through the windows of various locally owned shops.  And then we came across an Irish Pub and Eatery.  I peered in the window and saw a man rapping tunes with a crowd cheering him on.  A smile quickly appeared on my face yet I was filled with mixed emotions. I asked myself, should I go in or not this evening?  My husband supported my decision to go inside despite a sore throat.  It appears I am coming down with a cold.  The locals were so friendly and cheered me on.  I sang “Crazy” by Patsy Cline and “Immortal” by Evanescence.  Despite my sore throat, it was a good performance.

Kareoke Night

The Best Bruschetta Amelia Island

The Best Bruschetta Amelia Island

A blurry photo but not a blurry night. ha

A blurry photo but not a blurry night. ha

On Monday night, upon return, we enjoyed celebrating my birthday with family.  And since I am not eating dairy; we enjoyed a chocolate vegan cake.  Everyone was like , “This is vegan? It is good.”  A wonderful ending to a great birthday weekend.  Olivia smiled brightly as my family sang happy birthday. And fast forward to this evening, Day 14, I have a cold in full effect but Olivia is on the mend.  Still missing Lily but also feeling happy for her with new family.  Mixed emotions and thus is life.


Day 10 Ooops!

Oops! I had begun the rough draft for Day 10 and forgot to complete it.  This is what I wrote for day 10 below.  It was that kind of day; the one you typically forget.  It was an average day.


“It is day 10, and I am finally feeling more at home, in our condo.  It is a slow process, going through boxes, organizing and getting rid of stuff we no longer need in our lives.  Simplification.  This morning I awoke around 5 am to the sound of a train conductor laying on his horns for what felt like five-minute intervals.  That was no fun.  Our daughter is sleeping better and mostly, sleeps through the night.  However, her parents, especially mommy who is a light sleeper, does not sleep through all trains.  As Johnny Cash said ”  I hear a train a comin’, it’s rollin down the bend…”


Day 9: I want my duckie and cookie too!

My daughter Olivia Daisy carried her cookie with her to take a bath this evening.  Olivia rushed to the tub as soon as she heard daddy twist faucet on.  She then proceeded to climb over the tub fully clothed. I intervened, quickly removing clothing and getting her into her favorite duck for bath time fun.  Once in the duck, she watched the crumbs of her cookie fall into the water.  It was a candid moment.  I urged my husband to grab a camera stating ” Olivia wants her duckie and cookie too!”

Surprisingly, Olivia did not eat her cookie, but merely starred in awe of the crumbs floating away.  Finally, after some prompting; she began eating the cookie while enjoying her bath. I began to wonder the metaphor/meaning of this joyful event.  Perhaps the crumbs floating away, remind us of mindfulness.  It is important to really be present, even while enjoying/eating food.  Liv wanted her cookie and her bath.  Perhaps a metaphor for how all is possible in life.  A broad generalization, maybe, but I am choosing not to analyze.  I think about how I want to be a mom and career woman: the delicate balance between both.  My daughter inspires me more than I could ever have imagined.  If you look closely at picture below you can see our cookie monster.  Cookie in her left hand and crumbs on bottom of duckie bath.


And here is a brief synopsis of the earlier part of my day.  This morning while my daughter was at school; I had a few hours to cook, organize and relax.  Mostly I cooked dinner like a “crazy person”.  I basically stayed hyper focused on the task of cooking.  By doing so, with minimal distraction; I cooked two meals and managed to cook Olivia her favorite oatmeal for tommorow’s breakfast.  Then with the last forty-five minutes; I decided to relax while listening to a guided meditation on YouTube.  It was called the Universal Mind Meditation by Kelly Howell.   There was one quote that really stood out.   As I lay still the soft tone whispered, “I’m not the past, present or the future, I simply am.”  I felt restored, even after just 20 minutes of listening to guided meditation.  I adore Kelly Howell’s work and truly believe in our brain’s potential and power to envision change, and to heal through guided imagery.

Tonight I led a group for adults grieving the death of a loved one.  It was a great group of individuals and I always leave group feeling purposeful and with immense gratitude.  After group, it was all family with laughter and yummy home cooked food.  What more can we ask for?

Be Well,


Day 4

It is time for bed and I am staying loyal to my promise of writing a blog each day for sixty days.  So my blogs will vary in content and please excuse a blog every now and then, which may not be fulfilling.  Today is one such blog.  Thursdays are my busiest days because I schedule most appointments, run errands and work as full-time mommy.  And on Thursday evenings I lead support groups for grieving adults.  Today was productive, and I truly enjoy running groups about grief and loss.  After leaving group, I feel truly blessed and fortunate to support and empower others, while also learning a great deal from families.  It is a very rewarding job.

That is the part of my day I truly enjoyed.  The part I did not was the hour and half wait at doctor’s appointment today.  The longest I have ever waited for a doctor’s appointment was two hours and 15 minutes.  This was close.  But I was very grateful to my Aunt who watched my daughter while I attended the appointment.  She was understanding when I speed texted “I may be late, doctor is late. Is that okay?”  To which my Aunt responded, “Take your time. Even go shopping if you want to.”  I then sighed and texted, “I wish, but I am here waiting.” Today was a test in patience.

At the end of the day, I am thankful for another day with purpose, love and support.  I am grateful for this blog.  And I am excited about the journey ahead, a leap of faith.  Day 4 is pretty darn good!  And to that sentiment, good night, as I am one very tired mommy at the end of an “on the go” day.

Be Well,


Trust the Journey

What is it about the number 44?  I have been seeing this number for about a year now.  Forty-Four will appear in all forms to me, whether by clock, t-shirt, lotto number, assigned seating at weddings.  I believe there must be a significance.  This weekend my husband and I were on a family outing in Mt. Dora and began a conversation with a realtor.  Next thing you know, a gentleman smiles at Olivia, our daughter and waves his large plastic cup.  It was not just any large cup; it read the number 44 on it, in large font.  My mouth dropped and I couldn’t help myself.  I yelled out “Number 44!”  My husband looked at me like I was ridiculous and then calmly said to the man “She has this thing with the number 44.”  I relayed this story to my mom who informed me that the number 44 was a racecar driver’s number. Thanks mom! Yes, true but the fact that I am seeing the number Forty-Four repeatedly this past year intrigues me.  Prior to the birth of Olivia; I was seeing the number 911 often.  Funny enough, she was born September of 2011.  I also often see the number 22, and for those smarty pants out there…what is 44 divided by 2?  That’s right 22!

So what does all this mean? I believe these numbers are from my angels, encouraging me along this journey in life.  I also feel they are validating that I am making the necessary changes in my life and trusting in those decisions.  These signs in the form of numbers, are here for a reason. So I became Dr. Google, yet again and began to research the meaning of these numbers.  A lady named Joanne Sacred Scribes discusses the significance of what she terms angel numbers online.  The following are excerpts from her blog.

“Angel Number 44 asks that you pay attention to your intuition and inner-wisdom as your connection with your angels and the angelic realm is very strong at this time.  You are encouraged to continue on your current path as your drive and determination will lead to success and fulfilment.”

“Angel Number 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality.  The repeating Angel Number 22 asks you to see the larger picture, and to work with the details necessary to complete that picture.  Angel Number 22 encourages you to bring things through to fruition on both the spiritual and material planes.”

Does anyone else have this experience? What numbers do you see and how can they guide you in your life right now?

Be Well,


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