Nothing like…

…an email that reads ” Congrats! You have been booked.”  Yes, this happened to ME.  A few nights ago, I received an email with information regarding a shoot that I am directly booked for.  For those of you who don’t know  what “Direct Booking” means, let me help.   It means an audition is not necessary.  Actor needs to be prepared, follow directions and be professional.  I am seriously willing the law of attraction to show me more of these emails.  =)

Lately, I have been auditioning for Full Sail and getting my “feet wet” as a film actor.  Thanks in big part to Art’s Sake studio CORE Film Class.  This class pushes us actors to go on as many auditions as possible.  I have been truly digging it!  The amount of information I am learning is bountiful.  I am feeling a strong urge and following through with this urge to create and complete several creative undertakings.

Auditioning is not glamorous but it is fun.  I realize as an actor, what the word REJECTION means.  Rejection was tough in the beginning but now I’m a natural.  I look rejection in the eye thinking, “What the heck, when one door closes, another opens.  No biggie.”  And the cool thing is, I tend to book more jobs with less pressure on myself.  And rejection actually makes me want to push even harder.

I was thinking the other day of the myths of acting and came across a few.  Check out this website below.  It has myths listed as well as information about castings if you are an actor.

Live.  Love.  Create.



So I have decided that if I don’t have anything to say; I am just not going to say it.  Here is what I have to say about 3/13/13.

Don’t you just love those numbers 3-13-13.  How cool is that?

Sometimes in life we are given experiences to foster personal growth.  When we could be angry, sad, scared, hurt; we can make the active choice to be happy, grateful, loving, and to channel our emotions in a positive direction.

I have learned from wise teachers, mentors and of course my parents how to be a leader.  Leadership in my view is about being a role model, setting appropriate boundaries when necessary, being a positive individual, empowering others and taking calculated risks.  It is also about being open-minded, respectful and listening to other’s views.

I’m learning a lot about leadership.  But I have also learned by watching “leaders” who are not leading.

Right now I am actively fine-tuning a song which I CANNOT wait to share with you fellow bloggers, family and friends.  What does leadership mean to you?

Here are some great quotes I found about leadership.

“Leadership in position not title.”  Donald H McGannon

“What chance gathers she easily scatters. A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.”  Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

“The people follow the example of those above them.”
Chinese Proverb

“It is absurd that a man should rule others, who cannot rule himself.”  Latin Proverb

And with that, goodnight.  Sleep well and have a great week ahead! Go out there and show you can be a great leader!




Day 28

Day 28, I am not sure what to say about you. The day was productive.  Here are the highlights from today.

* I sautéed vegetables with coconut oil, vegetable broth and basil.  This is my favorite stir fry (at least that I make).  I am following a plant-based diet.

* I had time to go grocery shopping.  My husband spent quality time with our daughter Olivia this evening so I could buy essential grocery items for the week.

* I even managed to take an uninterrupted shower (moms know what I mean by this).

* I was able to coordinate my two calendars (I cannot decide between a paper calendar and an online Macbook calendar, so I have both). The only problem is one calendar is usually missing an item from the other calendar.  So today I became more organized and in sync.

* I am auditioning for acting commercials more and more!  Another audition for Disney coming up.  Cross your finger and toes!

* I don’t need to list my daughter as a highlight , because the joy she brings is a given every day!

Be Well,


Day 26 Sleepy Saturday

Dear Blog,

I thought Sundays were for sleeping and recovering from a busy week.  But instead it’s Saturday and I really needed my sleep.  I woke up exhausted and couldn’t brush off that feeling.  So around noon, when our daughter went down for a nap; I did too.  Not even the train (a very loud train which passes almost hourly in Winter Park) could wake me up.  Mommy really needed that sleep.

Here are my highlights for today.

* I slept! Hallelujah!

* We went to the Science Center. It was family time this afternoon. My husband and I enjoyed living vicariously through our daughter’s joy for a few hours.  The Orlando Science Center has a lot to offer for kids of walking age.  However, as my hubby so gently put it; it doesn’t have a whole lot to offer for us.  The biggest gift though is watching Olivia learning and squealing with excitement upon discovering new toys.  Her favorite attraction today was the water fountain and water play table.  Lets just say, I am glad we brought her an extra change of clothing.  To learn more about the Orlando Science Center, check it out.

You can get a family pass and it’s reciprocal.  This basically means that you can go to other museums and Science Centers, in various cities around the country.

* I survived another day of many tantrums!

* I am writing a blog entry this evening instead of sleep=I kept the promise to myself to write a blog each day (or at least most days)

* No music goal today. The only goal was to sleep.  And after I slept, I was in such a better mood.

And with that, goodnight and sweet dreams to all.


Day 21

Twenty-One must be a lucky number because today has gotten off to a great start! I dropped our daughter off at school. After walking her to school, I decided to get a Chai Tea Latte at Barnie’s off Park Avenue in Winter Park.  Who knew that Barnies offers such great options for the alternative milk drinker.  They have soy milk and almond milk.  Equally impressive was their prices and they don’t up charge for alternative milk. Fantastic! They are super friendly and the store is very clean.  So long Starbucks, hello Barnies!

The day has only gotten better.  Why? Because I have decided that instead of using my few hours of alone time to clean house and organize (we recently moved to a condo); I am using the time to write lyrics and relax.  The cleaning and organizing can happen later.  I finally feel like I am getting the ball rolling on my plan to live a life of creative inspiration.  I wrote a song today that actually brought tears to my eyes.  This is a rarity.  It’s important for me to write songs that have emotional pull.  I cry to other people’s songs but not to my own, generally.  I will be posting the lyrics and music in near future.  First I need to get my voice back (as I have been sick with a cold).

I have to mention, last night I went walking with my husband off Park Avenue. Thanks to my Aunt for babysitting =)), and we thought we spotted Bono from U2.  At first we brushed it off but continued to talk while sitting at nearby park bench.  This mysterious man was with a crew of individuals carrying fancy cameras.  Let me back track for a moment.  My husband said, “You know I think that is Bono.”  To which I replied, “I don’t think so but maybe.  He does look familiar.”  Then suddenly this mysterious man pulled out a guitar and sang the U2 song ” One  Love ” and he sang it REALLY well.  We rushed over and asked one of the gentleman standing near, if it was Bono.  He quickly said “No, I’m just playing with film.”  This guy was clearly covering for “Bono”.  Well we got a few pics from afar to share with you.  What do you think? Is this Bono?  I was starstruck!  Bono, if you happen to read this blog, will you sing guitar with me sometime in near future? Thanks!

In the middle

In the middle

The guy to the far right
The guy to the far right

Day 19-20 Awakening

I wanted to sleep in on Saturday morning and rest after a week of battling a cold; but it was not in the cards.  I was awakened to the singing of the Star Spangled Banner and a lady yelling over an intercom off Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida.

Seasons 52 Fresh Grill and Wine Bar celebrated the enjoyment of living a fit and healthy lifestyle by sponsoring a race through Winter Park early Saturday morning.

Proceeds benefited the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida and the Joe R. Lee Branch in Eatonville and the Track Shack Foundation.  For more information on Track Shack and upcoming races, check out this link.

On a different note, although I was slightly annoyed to hear the loud singing and hollering of the hostess; I knew it was most likely for a good cause.  Also I felt it was a sign for me to get my day going.  Saturday was filled with a walk to the Winter Park Farmers Market, dancing with my daughter to music videos and a trip to the Science Center.  We went to the Science Center once before but this time is different because she can actually walk.  A lot more fun for her and great exercise for me.

My music homework this weekend was to watch as many interviews and music videos by artists I admire.  More on this to report in next blog.

On Sunday (today) my daughter and I went to the Science Center again.  Our trip yesterday morning was cut short so I decided to take Olivia to the Kids Center there again today.  Liv’s enthusiasm was contagious and despite my sore throat; I had a good time too.  Liv surprisingly liked playing on a tractor the most.  She also made us lunch.  Lunch consisted of a fake carrot, pineapple juice, pizza, bread and a slice of cheese.  So sweet of her!  Overall, I can’t complain because it turned out to be a great weekend.

Olivia on tractor!

Olivia on tractor!

Science Center
Science Center

Day 15-18 Cold

(This is a belated post of days 15-18 )

I am recovering this week from what seems to be a bad cold or a case of “allergic rhinitis”.  Grateful to have moments and hours of rest throughout the week.  I was considering what to blog about when it occurred to me that I am desperately missing my lyric writing and singing.  Well I cannot sing right now due to a seriously sore throat, but I am able to write.  =)  You can take my voice, darn cold, but you cannot take my spirit or my ability to write for that matter.

But because my brain is foggy due to being sick this past week; I have little to report to you.  And I wanted to write a song about being sick; but I am too tired to write about being sick.  I had a little bit of blogger’s guilt, but then cut myself some slack.  So with that being said; I thought I’d research songs about being sick, in case, you the reader, aren’t feeling well.

This is a YouTube video by Aerosmith called “Sick As A Dog.”

Another YouTube video by Little Feat called “Cold, Cold, Cold”

Ozzy Osbourne also has a song called “So Tired” but YouTube wouldn’t allow me to download it.

Anyways, if you know of a great tune, shoot me an email or comment below.  Hope you, the reader, are feeling good this week!

Be Well,


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