Acting in Central Florida

In a previous blog I discussed the importance of giving back.  So today I am dedicating this blog to anyone living in Central Florida who desires to learn the tools of the trade (acting).  Since as early as I can recall; I have wanted to act, sing and dance.  However, acting captured my heart when I was in Elementary school.  It was there that I transformed into a worm, while reading a poem during a school play.  And it was during these years, that I performed a song from En Vogue with my school friends, dancing and singing live.  Yes, I know I cannot belive I am admitting to this.  But anyways, long story short; this passion for acting grew.  Since I am a native of Winter Park, Florida; I have seen a lot and heard quite a bit regarding the acting industry.  There is always more to learn though.  If you are a local actor, please comment and provide additional feedback about the highs and lows of this industry.  Any tips, or tools will be helpful for all to learn.

This blog post is for YOU, the actor. So where to begin?  Lets start with the top schools for acting.  Right now I am hearing a buzz that Art Sake Studio is hot for film and technique in acting.  Yvonne Suhor is the artistic director and instructor at this studio.  The Maile School for acting has always been a leader in providing Image, Modeling and Acting for individuals of all ages.  It was formerly known as Lisa Maile School.   I was a graduate of  The Maile School taking classes in acting, workshops and image development.  Lisa Maile is an amazing role model to everyone, especially to women.  I personally know Lisa and adore her.  She is passionate about what she does and it shows.   My confidence grew at auditions, thanks to classes I took at The Maile School.  (

Okay, on to top casting directors.  Casting directors audition and help choose all the speaking roles in movies, television shows and plays.  They are often the liaisons between the agents, directors and actors.  The two casting directors you  will run into the most are John Peros and RJ.  Both casting directors have developed a strong reputation.  I have auditioned for both casting directors many times.  They also offer workshops for how to be your best at auditions.  Orlando often casts talent for commercials. RJ’s casting website is and John Peros website is  In addition, Kimberly and Mark Mullen from Mullen Casting are reputable leaders in the Central Florida market.

There are many highly respected agents in the area.  Top agents include but are not limited too; the Diamond Agency, Central Florida Talent, Azuree Talent Agency, Bi Coastal Talent Inc.  And if you are lucky, you might get into Brevard Talent and/or Hurt Garver talent.

As an actor, you will need a resume and headshot.  I have had numerous pictures done by the Wet Orange Studio with photographer Michael Cairns. (  You can find a list of additional photographers on the website  This informative site provides information on auditions, an agent list, workshops etc.

Imagine the possibilities! Bring them to you!

It dawned on me the other day that I am now being more mindful.  I’d often say “When this happens…then I will be able to…”  How often do you find yourself saying the same thing?  One day when I find _____ then I will find success.  As if success follows us.  Really it is the opposite way around.  We need to bring success to us.  There is unlimited potential in all of us.  The reason we feel stuck or blocked is because of messages we hear which do not serve us well.  It is our job to change the way we perceive these messages and/or to filter out the ones that do not support our truth.

If your dream seems distant, why is that?  What can you do to bring your dream/vision to YOU?  If you are an artist who loves to paint but feel there is no place for your work.  Or a mother who wants desperately to pursue a career from a hobby.  What is holding you back?  Sometimes it takes looking at the big picture and then breaking down the larger goal, into clear concrete ones.  And maybe instead of looking, you need to surrender.

I have learned that surrendering, rather than trying to control the path of life is key.  To surrender is to give over or resign (oneself) to something, as to an emotion.  For example, someone who is grieving loss of a loved one; surrenders oneself to grief process.  So what if you surrendered yourself to faith and belief.  If we push too hard, it leaves little room for reflection and play.  Personally, I have found that when I surrender; the answers come more naturally.  I also feel it takes faith in yourself and in something greater than yourself.  But most importantly there needs to be conviction that no matter what people think about you, or what beliefs you have absorbed from others as your own; the fact remains that this dream is your love, your passion, your life.  No one can take that from you!

There is a quote from the book “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne ” As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.” (Wingate Paine, Author and Photographer)

Love is at the heart of it all.  If there is an opportunity somewhere, and it feels right; you can find a way to make it work!  If it does not feel right, do not!  Trust in the gut!  And thus, I will leave you with another quote.  Can you tell I am a fan of inspirational quotations?

“Live today.  Not yesterday.  Not tomorrow.  Just today.  Inhabit your moments.  Don’t rent them out to tomorrow.”

Jerry Spinelli, Children’s Author

Give, Give, Give

Sometimes all it takes is a stranger saying a compliment or taking the time to care.  My thought for today is go out tomorrow and do something for someone else.  It can be as simple as a thank you card in the mail, just because.  Or as grand as taking over someone’s responsibilities for a day.  Whatever your choice, be sure to do so with love.  Today was one of those really busy days as I am balancing two jobs being a mommy to a 13 month old and working as a counselor.  Of course throw in all the other responsibilities and titles and it can feel like I have ten jobs.  I love it all even when I am so exhausted that I struggle to recall what day/time of the week it is.  Yikes!  And each day is different and filled with surprise.  At least my days are not boring!

So as I was saying…the day began in a frenzied mode prepping baby food, juggling work load and attending appointments.  In the back of our SUV, I had a laundry basket full of books to donate.  Originally my thought was to sell them.  However, I wanted to do a good deed today.  So between my afternoon appointment and scheduled work commitment; I went over to our local book store and donated about 15 books.  As I was getting out of the car, I asked a passerby if she wanted first dibs.  Ironically she was looking for travel theme books.  So she gladly took the two travel theme books from my basket.  It felt good to see this stranger smile.  I could go on and on but I won’t.

Long story, short, the librarian was also happy.  While at this store, I ran into an elderly woman named “Wanita”.  I chose to walk up to her and re introduce myself.  You see, I ran into her months ago at Michael’s Craft Store with my daughter in tow.  Wanita is a very kind, genuine lady who divulged her life story involving Norfolk, Virgina to me, upon our initial meeting at Michael’s.  Wanita appeared to not recognize me or our prior conversation.  But Wanita jumped right in updating me on her two grown children.  I told her that I valued the love story she had shared with me once before.  This story was about how she and her husband met.  Wanita smiled and began sharing the story again. I felt that she enjoyed talking and wanted to continue, so I invited her to the lobby.  Plus the library is for being quiet and she was anything but quiet.  We spent some time together and later, as I was checking out books; I helped her find a book on knitting.

That was the best trip I have ever had to the library!  Please do something for someone else tomorrow, and the next day and the day after.  Make a difference in someone else’s day.  It is positive energy to spread around!  Also, you leave feeling like you gained more than the person you gave to.  This sweet lady gave me so much joy!

In Gratitude,




The Secret the Power

I am reading a book called “The Secret the Power” by Rhonda Byrne.  This is not just a book, it is so much more.  It may feel like a book, look like a book, read like a book; but its impact is far greater than a tangible, physical thing.  There is a quote by Albert Einstein ” The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  Basically time is an illusion according to Einstein.  We often race through our day to-day, feeling a need to fight against a limited amount of time.  You may hear yourself say ” I have to hurry and do the dishes” or ” I’m getting older, so better rush and follow my life’s purpose.”  But the truth is if you see the world as illusion, then we escape suffering.  And creativity has no limit, no time, no end.  One of the coolest things I read was about the sky.  We look up and around us to view a blue haze and blue sky.  Yet, the color you see is in fact not its real color.  The “blue” sky is actually all colors, reflected back at us.  If that doesn’t make you think, what will?  It sure makes me think.

Abraham Lincoln wrote ” To believe the things we can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  I have faith in my dream that one day it will come into full bloom.  I believe in imagination, creativity and passion.  Have you ever just stopped and watched a child play?  There is nothing like it.  When our daughter Olivia dances in front of the mirror or gives that “all-knowing” glance; I feel immense joy.  She truly is a genuine soul, unscathed by society or negative influence.  She is a reflection of love and radiates with love.  This is what “The Secret the Power” is all about.

Yesterday I was driving along, not looking for signs. However, the night before I called upon my angels and requested for them to show me signs, that I am following the correct path.  As I was driving to Whole Foods, a taxi cab darted out in front of me and showed “422-2222″.  As many of you have read my previous blogs, I have a fascination with numerology and the appearance of numbers in sequence.  I often see the number 4 and 2 repeated.  I saw this same cab a week ago.  This experience validated that I am on the right path.

Yesterday I also came up with an idea.  Ideas come to me like lightning bolts and at lightening speed. I use to brush them off and actually criticize myself for having so many random thoughts.  But now I see it as a gift and I write down all of my concepts.  Oftentimes, I tell myself that who knows, one day, an idea will stick.  Yesterday was that day.  I couldn’t stop thinking about a new vision.  And the universe was showing me signs pushing me to further expand upon this vision.  It all has to do with a special bird known as “Bluebird”.

As a child, my fascination with bluebirds grew in Elementary School.  Oftentimes, I would watch the bluebirds flying around the picnic tables.  One day, one weekend a bluebird nearly hit me in the face, as it sweeped past me with fury.  I was riding my bike as usual in neighborhood, only this time the bluebird almost stopped me in my tracks.  Fast forward to Nashville, TN. and many years later.

Have you ever heard about the famous Bluebird Cafe?  I was drawn to it, not only because of its history with famous singer/songwriters; but because of my fascination with bluebirds.  My husband and I enjoyed an evening at the Bluebird Cafe.  It was quite magical listening to professional singers and eating lasagna (my favorite).   Now, I wear a crystal bluebird around my neck in honor of our unspoken connection.  Yesterday, this vision began to bloom thanks to bluebirds and a strong desire to further my passion for music.  Apparently a bluebird is symbolic for happiness and good fortune according to the internet.  This new vision will remain a mystery to the reader until further transformation.  Thanks for reading and listening.

“Fly Free”!!!  (as my friend M’Liss says to me)


Manipulator (New Lyrics)

I began writing this song in 2009 and am now finalizing the lyrics.  I’m the type of songwriter that tends to write the sappy love songs and the moody ballads.  It comes naturally! But I promised myself one of these days I will write an uptempo song.  For now, I want to share with the world a new song called “Manipulator” which will be a mildly uptempo yet moody song.  The artist Evanescence was in mind, in writing this song.  The melody and arrangement are not complete but the lyrics are just about there.  It feels good to release this song to the web.  I will let the lyrics speak for themselves.  So thankful that I can now look back at a very painful time with understanding and love.  Sometimes the sweetest revenge is none at all.  Just releasing feelings with lyric writing is what it takes.  Can you tell I am also a counselor?

Manipulator (2009)


I was the scapegoat in your projection of lies

You thought I’d look like the jerk

So you were bigger in their eyes

You finally felt the love that I once knew

Because you took my heart and ripped it in two

What you thought you had was temporary,

But I was always there for you…

That’s why I can say


You are a selfish manipulator

How did I turn my hate from anger to happiness?

I know I don’t deserve the mess you left

And you no longer have power over me

Because I’ve released your grip

It was only strong as I let it be


You were the victim, of your deceitful games

It became clearer to me

You had a pattern of blame and shame

After all the time we shared, you don’t have a clue

But I’ll never look back and wish to be friends with you

Like your fake smile when you passed the hallway

But I never really knew the real you

But this is true


You are a selfish manipulator

How did I turn my hate from anger to happiness?

I know I didn’t deserve the mess you left

And you no longer have power over me

Because I’ve released your grip

It was only strong if I let it be


There were empty apologies

When I spoke the truth, there was disbelief

Afraid to love, you ran away and couldn’t see

That I was really there to stay


Mystery of Central Florida Take 1

Today I began my search to discover the mysteries of Central Florida, particularly Winter Park.  And of course, being that I am a singer, lyricist, actor; I’m mostly interested in these areas.

Did you know that taking a walk down Park Avenue in Winter Park is like transporting to “Little Europe.” If you had a superpower like “transportation” why not pretend you are in Europe and enjoy the pleasures of strolling down Park Avenue.  I enjoyed reading from blogger on “Sanford365″ website who talked about Park Avenue as “Little Europe.”

There is a Swetman building off Park Avenue with the sign “Little Europe” on it.  Winter Park’s “Park Avenue” has a European flair.  You can visit the Winter Park Historical Association which offers a Park Avenue/Winter Park Walking Tour.  And after your tour, you can stop for lunch at a quaint bakery for croissants and tea or enjoy the trendy boutiques.

Central Florida is known for theme parks, water parks, shopping malls and dining.  But there is so much more on the music front and Winter Park is the hidden gem.  You can visit the following website to find more information on Central Florida.

Also you can visit “ZVents Discover Things To Do”, which looks like a great website for the latest events in Central Florida and surrounding cities.  Mark your calendar for the Firefall Acoustic in Concert Sunday, Feb 17, 2013 3:00pm.  This event will take place at Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Firefall trio consists of band members, Steven Weinmeister – vocal & guitar, Jock Bartley – vocal & guitar and Bill Hopkins – vocal & bass perform their classic hits in an acoustic performance on Sunday, Feb. 17th at 3pm at the Uptown Art Expo.

The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park has the distinction of being the third-oldest continuously operating Bach Festival in the United States.  It is also Central Florida’s oldest operating performing arts organization.  The Bach Festival Society was founded in 1935 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birth.  The famous composers’ orchestral and choral music is open to the public for its “enlightenment, education, pleasure, and enjoyment.”  Visit  for more information.

Stay tuned because there is more to come on the mysteries of Central Florida.

Mystery of Central Florida

I was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida.  It’s funny that most people I run into around Central Florida are not from here.  They look at me bewildered that I am a native.  No matter how many times I have moved away, somehow I end up back at the heart of central Florida, the lovely Winter Park.


Winter Park holds many memories from my younger years to highschool and now to adulthood.  I ate frozen yogurt and cookie sandwiches at “TCBY” as a special reward at the end of a taxing day in Elementary school.  My mom would reward us with frozen yogurt cones.  She would say “let me help you with that, its dripping.”  Sneaky mom!  Fast forward and there were many preparations for Homecoming and Prom.  The soccer games in Central Florida and surrounding areas bring back so many memories with my parents cheering us on.  There are memories of lunch breaks with my sisters on Park Avenue.  And who can forget the visits to the Farmers Market?  I went on my first “official” date with my husband on Park Avenue at Briar’s Patch.  There were candlelit dinners on the lawn in the actual park across the street from Park Avenue.  My one year old daughter and I stroll Park Ave and window shop.  There are far too many memories to detail in one post.  And quite frankly, I have mommy brain right now, so cannot recall all of the wonderful memories at present.

I am an enthusiast of all things family, baby, music, acting and so much more.  I adore my hometown.  Yet there is so much more to know.  As a singer, lyricist and actor; I’m eager to meet others who share a passion/ dedication for creating art.  Many blog posts ago, I began discussing the mysteries of Nashville, TN.  It dawned on me yesterday that as much as I love Nashville, I equally adore Winter Park.  It lead me to this question; ” What are the mysteries of Central Florida?”   If you or someone you know have something exciting, adventurous, new to share about the culture, atmosphere of Central Florida; please email me or comment.  If you are an artist reach out!


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